A Little History

The Grand Rapids Scottish Society was founded in 1991 by a group of people that have a love of Scotland and all things Scottish, its history, customs and traditions. This group gathers on a monthly basis to enjoy this focus on one of the world’s greatest countries. A country that is seeped in tradition and has given so much to the rest of the world. Its gifts are so varied that one cannot begin to name them all. This is what brings this group of people together.

We, as a Society, celebrate the traditions of Scotland throughout the year. St. Andrew’s Day, Burns’ Supper and Hogmany (Scottish New Year) are but a few of those special events that the Society enjoys on an annual basis. Our Burns’ Supper is without a doubt the single event that we celebrate with the most enthusiasm. Scotland’s most famous poet and songwriter has circled the globe with his verse and song and we enjoy celebrating his contributions with a traditional supper which includes music, poetry, song and dance.

The Society enjoys the fact that we are also a family oriented group. Our Hogmany celebrations are put together so that all members of the family can enjoy this festive tradition. During the summer months the Society participates in three festivals, all which have either a Scottish or Celtic theme. These are Alma Scottish Festival, Sparta Celtic Festival and the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival. The Society has a tent, which displays our banner and has reference books, which help people trace their roots. Naturally, we encourage membership to our Society through these festivals. The summer events are culminated by a family picnic with games and of course, food and prizes for all.